Thursday, February 23, 2017

Little girls want to grow up to be...

  • intuitive forest witches
  • expert sword duelers
  • free mermaids
  • preeminent scholars
  • wandering tinkerers
  • strong blacksmiths
  • powerful diplomat
  • spiritual leader
  • ferocious pirates
  • first rate tree climbers
  • creek stompers
  • peaceful fishers
  • high priestesses
  • tenacious hunters
  • kind ostler
  • savvy merchant
  • fearless dragon rider
  • crafty court magicians
  • gallant troubadour 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blogging about purpose...

Hello ghost readers!

Check out this guest blog I wrote for Steve over at Shores of Night. I write about my favorite genre, Fantasy. Give Steve some love while you're there <3

Friday, February 3, 2017

In which our heroine is frustratingly honest about her life

And we find no laughter in her sorrow.

When we write fiction, how do we avoid writing our plots around our life? I am desperately fighting the urge to re-write my plot in a very final, disastrous way. Love of your life, fighting injustice together? Fuck it. She doesn't love you anymore. She's found another shinny thing and is done with your simple, boring, messy ways.

It's so hard to be a person right now, let alone write about my complicated, but desperately in-love heroines. This is one of the ways that poetry worked better for me.
Because I could just dig deep. Because the words were just me.

This prose shit is hard. Creating characters and stories outside of yourself is exciting, but it's so hard to make them their own creatures, to not accidentally slip into them.