Sunday, April 9, 2017

On this, a balmy spring day

When Melissa proposed to me, the final time (the time I accepted), we chose the date for May, because I hate heat and wanted to have a cool, gorgeous, flowery outdoor wedding. May 19th rolled around and it was positively simmering. I put on the most perfect wedding dress, sweat through my hairspray and curls, and married the love of my life. On our honey moon, I threw my back out dragging our canoe through a low river in Northern Arkansas. That year, we had a drought so intense that the state was tapping private wells and we were all sweaty and gross for a while. While this is a feeling that is not unfamiliar in Missouri, we generally get a fairly nice spring. It didn't matter- I was in love, sweaty, and happy.

7 years later, separated from Melissa, we have another truly hot spring. There's symmetry in that, perhaps. I took grumpy old Missy, an old black Terrier+Pomeranian mix, and Mr. Man, my middle-aged chihuahua for a hike around Bear Creek and we were all panting by the time we got back to the truck. The sadness comes and goes. There are still so many things that make me happy (comics, my puppies, my family, my best friend and non-nesting partner Abbey, writing, naps, roller skating, hiking, canoeing, bad puns, etc., etc.) but I feel like this is almost vindictive heat, or bookender heat. This is the end of the shelf. Seven years of stories are contained between these heat waves. This collection of stories is complete.

Today I celebrated faux Easter with my brother, his fiance, the kids, my Aunt, and my mother. We dressed up and went to breakfast. I wore the skirt I wore to my first wedding in Iowa because it is my favorite spring skirt- a pattern that looks like pastel fireworks or chrysanthemums, my pearls from our Missouri wedding made by my maid of honor, and a ring Mel bought me in Eureka Springs. I wore them because they are beautiful things that stay with me, even though we've reached the end of the bookshelf. I have more bookshelves. I will love other stories. I will find other rings that fit me. But I will miss the life we had together. I will miss the dreams we built together, the adventures we had. I will miss how she would follow me around the house with her guitar, playing Heart. I will miss our road trips. I will miss the softness of her kiss, the feeling of her breath against my neck. I will miss her goulash. I will miss how joyful she was when she found a box of Pączki. And that's okay, I guess. 

Time to write. I promise I won't break up my main characters just because I'm sad. I almost did, but I won't. 

In the land of practical writing notes 
  1. Our writing workshop has jumped back to life! This has been a source of joy and inspiration to me and I hope all the amazing folks who have recently joined us!
  2. My novel is coming along. Word to the wise: do not buy a stack of comics right before an intense writing period. It will delay your writing. 
  3. Facebook is not good for productivity- which I feel is a lesson I never learn.
  4. Oh, I'm going to write another guest post for Shores of Night! Woot!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hard choices...


to finish the book. Poetry will come when it's right.

And yet, I have not made the time to write, as I promised myself I would.

There is still time, and no giving up. Stubborn is my name, persistent is my game.

Here is my list of things I have done instead of honoring my writing routine.                        

  1. Buy a bunch of new comics
  2. Sudden family visits that kick you out of your writing space and disrupt your schedule.
  3. Talking instead of writing at your write-in
  4. Reading a bunch of new comics
  5. Watching the release of season 2 of Bubblegum (so awesome)
  6. Sleeping (but I have been recovering from being sick)
  7. Taking day trips to fabulous places 
Must get my head in the game. Fun is for when I'm done. 

Plus, I'm about to get to an assassination attempt and some big reveals, and I finally got past the boring scene that made me want to jump off a cliff. Secret: I always skip diplomatic/strategic sessions in books until I get to fighting.

Dig in
Double down
Time to get gritty

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday morning rambling...

fueled by coffee and copious amounts of allergy meds. Thank you, gods of Zyrtec, Mucinex, Nasopure, & Flonase. #humble

No decision on if I will do poetry or prose in April. I'm leaning towards Prose so I can just knock the rest of this book outta the water.

On the topic of poetry and life~
So, blog land, big things have happened in my life. I've moved in with my mother and aunt. The two gingers (Genghis Khan and Roy) and the chihuahua (Mr. Man aka Chicken Nugget) have moved with me. I'm sure I'll find some poetry to come at this, but for now, I've been focusing on just like... humaning. Meanwhile, in moving my books (to their glorious and gorgeous new bookshelves) I found my dearest book, Sweet Geometry by Pamela McClure. I don't think it's a mistake that Pam's poetry found me at this time in my life.

I just wanted to share some of her words. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Dilemma: writer style

Y'all know how I love challenges, right? Love them. Guess what's coming up in April? You know it, you love it, it's National Poetry Month! The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem a day.

You know what else it is?

Camp NaNo.

What is a girl to do? WHAT IS A UNICORN TO DO?


or Prose





Thursday, February 23, 2017

Little girls want to grow up to be...

  • intuitive forest witches
  • expert sword duelers
  • free mermaids
  • preeminent scholars
  • wandering tinkerers
  • strong blacksmiths
  • powerful diplomat
  • spiritual leader
  • ferocious pirates
  • first rate tree climbers
  • creek stompers
  • peaceful fishers
  • high priestesses
  • tenacious hunters
  • kind ostler
  • savvy merchant
  • fearless dragon rider
  • crafty court magicians
  • gallant troubadour 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blogging about purpose...

Hello ghost readers!

Check out this guest blog I wrote for Steve over at Shores of Night. I write about my favorite genre, Fantasy. Give Steve some love while you're there <3

Friday, February 3, 2017

In which our heroine is frustratingly honest about her life

And we find no laughter in her sorrow.

When we write fiction, how do we avoid writing our plots around our life? I am desperately fighting the urge to re-write my plot in a very final, disastrous way. Love of your life, fighting injustice together? Fuck it. She doesn't love you anymore. She's found another shinny thing and is done with your simple, boring, messy ways.

It's so hard to be a person right now, let alone write about my complicated, but desperately in-love heroines. This is one of the ways that poetry worked better for me.
Because I could just dig deep. Because the words were just me.

This prose shit is hard. Creating characters and stories outside of yourself is exciting, but it's so hard to make them their own creatures, to not accidentally slip into them.