Sunday, January 29, 2012

In which I ramble, probably because I have a cold, but mostly because I like to ramble.

This is not called Amy Poehler is awesome, but it should be.  I was mid-click when a commercial for Glaad came on.  My partner puts down her cleaning walks into the living room, a confused look on her face, and says "I fucking love Amy Poehler. She's crazy." and I looked at scrolling across the screen, and Mel's happy grin, and reply, "Yeah, that bitch is awesome."

I have so many gay things that I never say.  I want to say them; the first is that Amy Poehler is fucking awesome.  The other thing is that I'm not entirely comfortable using gay as an umbrella word; but why the fuck not?  Language is so complex, so much context.  I appreciate it when people reclaim language, but I think it's too meta to be effective?  Maybe, I haven't made my mind up about that.  But listen, using a gendered term to encompass all of queerdom?  That's unintentionally fucking sexist.  Or is it?  I'm so confused.  Too much to work through on a Sunday.

Also, I am having an eyebrow war with Mel who is trying to convince me to stop writing and go make her some breakfast.  

Okay, I made breakfast.  It was delicious adobe eggs w/salsa and sour cream and cinnamon pancakes.  You wish you were here, I know.  I would share it with you, if you were. 

circle back to me
without pretense
settle your feet against
the wood grain
and be home again