Monday, February 20, 2012

April is fast approaching...

I'm excited that April is close for so many reasons!

  1. Its sandwiched between my two weddings to the Byronic beauty Melicious the Melodic. Who knew having to go to other states for basic civil rights meant that we queerbians get two parties? Shit yeah, homophobia!

    ~Be wild and crazy and drunk with Love,
    if you are too careful, Love will not find you.~
    Rumi ♥
  1. It's Poetry Month.
  2. Flowers! The bulbs, they bloom.
In the spirit of the upcoming poetry month, I've been searching for ways to celebrate*. What is the best way to enjoy April? Could I manage a poem a day? Have I ever managed a poem a day? Maybe I should focus on reading. I miss reading poetry, too. Luckily, the website has page entitled, "30 Ways to Celebrate--." Allow me to highlight my favorites...
  • Memorize a poem 
    "Getting a poem or prose passage truly 'by heart' implies getting it by mind and memory and understanding and delight."
  • Put poetry in an unexpected place 
    "Books should be brought to the doorstep like electricity, or like milk in England: they should be considered utilities."
  • Watch a poetry movie
    "What better time than National Poetry Month to gather some friends, watch a poetry-related movie, and perhaps discuss some of the poet's work after the film?"
  • Tom & Viv —Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson star as T.S. Eliot and Vivienne Haigh-Wood in a film that depicts their tumultuous marriage and Eliot's literary success.
  • Total Eclipse —This film captures the turbulent, explosive affair between Parisian poets Paul Verlaine, played by David Thewlis, and Arthur Rimbaud, played by Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Put a poem on the pavement 
    "Go one step beyond hopscotch squares and write a poem in chalk on your sidewalk."

    Chalk + Kirstin = yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
  • Start a commonplace book 
    "Since the Renaissance, devoted readers have been copying their favorite poems and quotations into notebooks to form their own personal anthologies called commonplace books."

    I already have a sketchbook ready, bitches.
  • Visit a poetry landmark
    "Visiting physical spaces associated with a favorite writer is a memorable way to pay homage to their life and work."
  • Sarah Teasedale

    Sara Teasdale's grave? She's in Bellefontaine Cemetary. She was pretty bitch'n. Check this out...

    To Sappho


    Impassioned singer of the happy time.
    When all the world was waking into morn,
    And dew still glistened on the tangled thorn,
    And lingered on the branches of the lime —
    Oh peerless singer of the golden rhyme,
    Happy wert thou to live ere doubt was born —
    Before the joy of life was half out-worn,
    And nymphs and satyrs vanished from your clime.
    Then maidens bearing parsley in their hands
    Wound thro' the groves to where the goddess stands,
    And mariners might sail for unknown lands
    Past sea-clasped islands veiled in mystery —
    And Venus still was shining from the sea,
    And Ceres had not lost Persephone.

These are all things I think I should do right now. Is this like Valentines Day? I should be courting words all year instead of waiting for April.

*kick my ass in gear