Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Been A Long Time, a Lonely Long Time


It's NaNoWriMo again; I am stoked! I'm actually going to try to novel, this year. I've noticed a very steady decline in my grammar, and I'm excited to stretch and flex my sentence skills. It's been a long time.

Are you doing NaNo? Be my friend... I'm Kirstikins. Be my writing buddy!

The NaNo Facebook page posted a pre-November prompt to write a letter to yourself, for consumption sometime mid-November. Here it goes:
Dear Me,
Are you doing okay? How was plotting, for the first time ever? You don't like being prepared, do you? Well, now you have no excuses. Honestly. I am astounded. Is it helping? Are you doing okay?

Are you writing something atrocious? That's okay, sweetie. Nobody has to see it. You are kick-starting your juices for this year. I hope you are enjoying the immersion. I hope that this is just what you were looking for.

Take a deep breath. You have this.

Excited for you to read this,
Past You