Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo, the early days

Well, hello writing blog! I'm just dropping in here real quick-like. Every time I write something that is unrelated to my novel, I feel a little guilty, as I am quite behind. I look at like this: while I am about 3K behind, outside of the normal daily word count, I still have about 25 pages written. I've already invested too much energy to give up now. Also, I did a kind of group-dream thing last night that was very interesting.

The truth is, I took off for politics. I couldn't focus on writing while I was worrying about the country so intensely; but we re-elected Obama and 4 pro-marriage equality ballots passed (plus a bunch of other good stuff!) so I have no excuse now. I just want to be caught up. Looking at my word deficit is such a bummer.

Love and sunshine on this cold late-Fall day.