Friday, April 7, 2017

Hard choices...


to finish the book. Poetry will come when it's right.

And yet, I have not made the time to write, as I promised myself I would.

There is still time, and no giving up. Stubborn is my name, persistent is my game.

Here is my list of things I have done instead of honoring my writing routine.                        

  1. Buy a bunch of new comics
  2. Sudden family visits that kick you out of your writing space and disrupt your schedule.
  3. Talking instead of writing at your write-in
  4. Reading a bunch of new comics
  5. Watching the release of season 2 of Bubblegum (so awesome)
  6. Sleeping (but I have been recovering from being sick)
  7. Taking day trips to fabulous places 
Must get my head in the game. Fun is for when I'm done. 

Plus, I'm about to get to an assassination attempt and some big reveals, and I finally got past the boring scene that made me want to jump off a cliff. Secret: I always skip diplomatic/strategic sessions in books until I get to fighting.

Dig in
Double down
Time to get gritty