Sunday, February 2, 2014

Imbolc: the poet's sabbat

I haven't talked about religion on this blog, and I'm not going into the woo-woo things behind the holiday, but this is one that really resonates in our house. Imbolc celebrates Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of poetry, bards, midwifery, fire, and the hearth. As I write poetry and Mel is a musician, we tend to really really dig this day. Who doesn't like poetry, music, and fire?? That is rhetorical as the answer is obviously everybody. It's no coincidence that I planned a week of poetry that starts today.

I love this sabbat more than Yule- which is saying a lot, because I love the crap out of that one. I love excuses to meditate on things that are important in our lives, any excuse for decorating, eating, and drinking. So I just wanted to share our alter and all the poems I scrawled on our front door.

Also, today is the 13th birthday of our deer kitty, Dinka. Happy birthday, old man! We love you.

Dinka on the left, Nishi on the right.

Burn some shit down and Yawlp! at the world! Purrrrrrr.