Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week of Poetry on a Snow Day... [Day 3]

Hello, writing friends! How are your poems going? Here in CoMo, it's a snow day for most of us! I just finished breakfast with my wife and a dear friend. Now I'm lounging in the living room, in front of our wonderful fake fire, with all the windows open so I can watch the snow. Breakfast was bacon-pancakes, which you should definitely try. DELICIOUS. I also just read that one of my books of poetry sold in the past month. So, basically, it's a perfect day.

So I'm going to make a Grand-Poomba declaration: today is for writing! If you're looking for an excuse to curl up with your laptop or notebook and write, now is the time, now is the place. Get some coffee (or tea) and warm yourself with words.

I might even finish Hild today. A book by the fire, anybody?

Your prompt for today is as follows...
adoxography (n.) beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance

Use this word or embody it somehow in a poem.

Have at it, friends!